~SummerStory~ 20/06/07 12:06am
~ SummerStory Notice Board ~

Dear all my SummerBabes,

*Gratz SummerStory on 1st PAPU down on 1/3/08 ^^v*

* 1stly, ty GenkiBaobei aka my QF help me create a guild thread at maplesea forum. All flood him and muack him and lets clap 4 him... 2ndly, pls be active at our new home yo.. ^^ MapleSea SS Guild Forum *

* All Jrs take note, onli Lvl70 and above can be added in to SS now, ty ^^*

* Gratz SummerStory enter GPQ TOP 50 rank (current:3xth) ^^ *

(1) I hope u guys can register as member of Maplesea forum, be active there! Cos there is a database tat full of info & details 4 u to update urself!

(2) GPQ: every Sat & Sun, 4.30pm start. Pls gather urself at perion-camp if u willing to join. GPQ guide (Currently pls check with Maple guild notice!)

Ty all..... May we have a nice day ahead. \(^O^)/...... nienie


Pic from Suey Zai

Suey Snail......

eee..... pui~

hahahahaha~ not funny leh~ F3



Yo....... Monsters coming... =.=


Gratz Suey Zai lah.... and u r so so bu yao lian weather urself lah.... F3


Editted by YsoUnluck.......... His message: I miss SummerStory and all SummerBabes... ^^


Mami & Zai pom pom tgt? How come? F3


SummerStory PAPU on 1/3/08 midnite
SummerStory Papu PT>>Ah Sam, Ah Pik, Nie, Toben, Yk, Jun Jun, Jan Jan, Vava.

First PAPU got few sacrified. T.T
NVM chiong 2nd time again, this time nienie so fast GG. lol
Aiya anyway, in the end SummerStory oso successfully down PAPU twice.
LOL so gandong ah! We make it^^ SummerStory ROX!


GPQ on 23/02/08
Ah mage sot jor.... He is the new GPQ king...
pretty crystal... muack

99 all.... ty all.... lol ty sam kor kor...
Yeah all rox.. ty QF aka GT aka GenkiBaobei


ppl said we were showing off... T.T

All all down again.. ^^v


LOL ty kent dar, and 4 of u so cute under mega...


Yo yo... check it check it.... DT so xin fu, 2 pretties dancing hip-hop 4 him... pui zzz lol


Wah.... See our SummerStory combo attk.... Genesis+Blizzard+poison.... PikPik mad jor.. hoho^^


Thanks ya... light suey guai.... U rox nia ^^v
(A gentle reminded, Be kful after school. Beware of urself! ^^)